Narah Tea
Cholesterol Control




It is our commitment to quality to ensure the premium quality products to our customers.  At Narah, we are pay close attention on our selection process in every steps from corps selection to agriculture process and to harvesting technique.  We carefully select the highest quality corps to plant on our organic farms, and hand pick only the richest nutrient parts of the corps at the right time of the day to ensure the highest phytonutrient of our corps prior to ship them to our own manufacturing plant

1. We only grow our selected herbs on a fertile nursery. 
2. We only grow our herbs on plantations that have been free of chemicals for
    the last 10 years.
3. We only select and harvest the best part of the best vegetation- The highest
    quality of leaves.
4. We only harvest our crops at the best time which is when photosynthesis happens.
5. We only use specially designed sheets to cover and protect the plantation
    from the growth of weeds.



     Due to keeping high quality and nutrition of our main nutrient ingredients, we keep our raw materials from weed. We are expertise in Weed Protection System to get weed rid off our main nutrient ingredients. We are concerned the best quality to our beloved customer for 100% satisfaction.

     We are specialist in Organic Herb for Diabetes to control Sugar Level, to cure High Blood Pressure, to reduce High Cholesterol, including to Heart Attack without any side affect to Liver and Kidney.