I have diabetes!
I have diabetes!

I have diabetes!

The confession of Narah's CEO

5 years ago, I had a tingly feeling in the tip of my fingers and toes. I woke in the middle of the night a lot times to go urinate. I was starting to get annoyed of my behavior.

When the symptoms started getting worst, I went to a friend who was a doctor to consult my sicknesses. He recommended that I check my blood sugar, which I found out that my the sugar level was a whopping 250 which was past the diabetic level.

I was extremely shocked!

Old memories from when I was kid about my dad flooded my head.

My dad taking handfuls of medicine for years and years without end before he passed away in agony.

I saw him laying on the hospital bed, unable to do anything, with cords everywhere.

I told myself that my life will not be the same as my dad. I will bot spend the rest of my life laying on the bed, frozen from head to toe.

I spent everyday, studying about how to treat diabetes without using medicine because I knew that there were a lot of chemicals in the pills.

I gained interest on the topic about herbs and treatment with natural ingredients. That was the start of "NarahHerb"

The first customer of "NarahHerb" was myself. I started taking Narah to control my blood sugar level to be steady and in a safe state over 4 years ago.

I acknowledge the fact that there are still people out there who need another option other than medicine. That was the birth of "NarahHerb"

When we started "NarahHerb" nobody wanted our product, even when we gave it out for free. I once tried to sell it at a marketplace by the street. My wife, my son, and me, handed out brochures from 6am till 11pm but we could only sell 1 box. The customer was a lady who was selling clothes right next to us. (I think she bought it out of pity)

The only advantage i had against other competitors was "believing". I believed that my product could make other's lives better. I believed with all my heart that my business will grow to be extraordinarily big.

I saw that very picture when I started this company. I saw truckloads of my product being shipped all over the world to help everyone.

It actually happened! Right now, we are barely not making enough to ship. "NarahHerb" has saved over 100,000 people in Thailand from diabetes and the numbers keep growing!

For the rest of my life, I am determined to save the lives of everyone with natural ingredients and herbs from Thailand.

Theerapong Thianpatthanapol 
CEO&Founder of NarahHerb

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